A backward interpretation of piracy

From the always entraining, if never convincing, TorrentFreak:
File sharing isn’t theft.File sharing is sharing information and a lot of people get it wrong when they say the cost of production of that sharing is zero. The cost is paid by all of us, for our devices and connections, for all the little cells that go into making up the internets.

When we share information, be it works of art, technical or scientific information, we increase the pool of wisdom and knowledge available to everyone. The cultural and scientific revolution fostered by the internets is only just beginning, and has already changed how we live in countless ways.

Trying to impose artificial scarcity on a system capable of infinitely replicating information across a cloud of self-maintaining component parts is not only futile, it is morally, ethically and logically corrupt. If the law is out of sync with morality, ethics and logic, then the law requires changing.

File sharing isn’t theft.

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27. August 2011 by Chris
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