A $1 billion lawsuit for not acting fast enough

FastCompany’s overview of a new $1 billion suit against Facebook and the legal implications such motions introduce for the future:

… a thought experiment. (Facebook has dismissed the suit as “without merit.”) If a page on Facebook advocated violence, and violence were to result, would Facebook have blood on its hands? The arc of technology does not inherently bend towards justice; radio was used to enflame the Rwandan genocide, for instance. And if so, would it be financially responsible for damages? How swiftly must it act? Would all pages need to undergo Facebook approval, like apps in the Apple app store? Facebook has what amounts to its own police force, but no force is large enough to constantly be monitoring all the speech that occurs on Facebook. How can it all be monitored, and how to strike the balance between freedom and security of users? Some call this an “ethical quandary for social sites.” But, frivolous though Klayman’s suit may be, they could also become a legal quandary some day.

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04. April 2011 by Chris
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