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Creative monetization

VC Nigel Brown has a cool new idea. By creating notional shares of a given musical instrument, he can both allow investors, or contributors as he calls them, to invest in fine instruments and allow the artists, who would otherwise … Continue reading

27. March 2012 by Chris
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The cost of CDS liquidity

Yields on the new Greek 2042 bonds have jumped 3% this week to 16.93%. Prices, which move inversely to yields, on these new bonds are going down is because market participants are unable to hedge the risk inherent in these … Continue reading

25. March 2012 by Chris
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Upcoming moves for the week of 4/4

I spend more time than I’d like to admit refreshing MarketWatch’s Virtual Stock Exchange. The VSE has all the fun of trading without the joy of making money (or the equally probable sorrow of losing money). While I am in … Continue reading

03. April 2011 by Chris
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