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Mixed signals?

The FT reports that private sector holders of Greek debt are warming to the debt swap while Greek CDS rates are increasing. Odd, no?

04. March 2012 by Chris
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No finance in literature

Author John Lanchester in this weekend’s FT talks about why the world of finance is absent from modern literature.

04. March 2012 by Chris
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From the New York Times: Some said they were fighting the legal doctrine of corporate personhood; others, not fully understanding what that meant, believed it meant corporations paid no taxes whatsoever. Yikes.

25. September 2011 by Chris
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Put away the pink slips and rethink

The Harvard Business Review on surviving rough times without firing people: Estimates by Mercer and others indicate that losses just for the major risks (e.g., employee accidents, office theft, etc.) exceed $85 billion annually; in effect, these dwarf the near … Continue reading

04. April 2011 by Chris
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Digg founder Kevin Rose has been interviewing startup founders and VCs from Jack Dorsey to Philip Rosedale. A combination of high production value, great interviewees and quality subjects means you should check this out if you have any interest in … Continue reading

02. April 2011 by Chris
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Group Discounts, Small Businesses and Unfortunate Valuation Practices

The success of startups like Groupon and LivingSocial, and the courting of the former by Google to the tune of $6 billion, is not a result of a brave new business model that connects the masses to small, local companies … Continue reading

01. April 2011 by Chris
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